Integrate processes and data into existing infrastructures

Workheld Sense integrates machine, process, and production data into existing IT infrastructures and enables seamless process communication between device sensors and employees to enable real-time interaction.

Why Workheld Sense?

We’ve spent a lot of time building the perfect IIoT platform so you don’t have to. Instead, focus on the important things, such as the fast and agile implementation of use cases.

Infrastruktur - fully managed

Infrastructure – fully managed

No deployment stress

Rest-API mit IIOT Bausteinen

REST API with IIOT building blocks

Create your own applications



Keep track of your changes

SSO & höchste Datensicherheit

SSO & Highest Data Security

We guarantee the highest level of data security

API-zugänglicher  Query-Editor

API-accessible query editor

Visual Query Editor

Technischer Support

Technical Support

We have industry-specific know-how

Workheld Sense offers…

Asset OS

Asset OS makes it possible. Easily start the remote connection from your desk top. Say goodbye to endless lists and logins.

Process OS

Monitor machines in real time, identify potential problems early, and reduce downtime. Data obtained through analysis with condition monitoring take the step towards predictive maintenance.

Enterprise OS

Do you or your IT partners want to build your IIoT solution yourself and still make rapid progress? We have everything you need to successfully implement company-specific solutions – for IT teams large and small.


Benefits of Workheld Sense



Three days from the signing of the contract to the first valuable insights.

Out-of-the-box Data-Apps

Out-of-the-box Data-Apps

Your time, money, and IT resources are valuable. That’s why we’ve prepared a ready-to-use app for a quick start.



Unmatched flexibility with our low-code tools. Anyone can develop new products, services, and business opportunities.

Auf Standards aufgebaut

Auf Standards aufgebaut

We use open interfaces and standard protocols for seamless integration into your complex IT landscape.


The right solution for your sector!

Why you should talk to us

Workheld Sense could be the solution for your business? Do not hesitate to contact us. In an initial meeting, we want to discuss your requirements together and show you how your company can benefit from Workheld.