Connected Workforce Management

Intuitive workforce management for maintenance, customer service, manufacturing as well as assembly and commissioning.

WorkHeld is a software platform that increases the efficiency and transparency of industrial processes with innovative technologies and user friendly apps.

Teleworking for maintenance providers: Try WorkHeld for free!

Mobile solution for technicians

WorkHeld gives technicians all relevant information, documents, checklists and asset data and allows efficient documentation including digital reports.

Efficient project and resource planning

With WorkHeld you can react quickly and easily to machine downtimes, prepare planned maintenance or create large projects and schedule technicians simply by drag & drop.

The right information in due time

With WorkHeld you can keep an overview of your equipment as well as material, tools and checklists and link relevant information with project and resource planning.

What is WorkHeld?

WorkHeld increases the efficiency and clarity of industrial production, assembly and service processes. The software system creates a platform for efficient planning, execution and documentation and digitizes the entire process from order creation to customer signature.

Work order templates

Many work orders in the day to day business are almost the same. With the WorkHeld work order templates you do not have to create them individually again and again.

Drag & drop work order scheduling

Using the work order planning and scheduling in WorkHeld allows you to quickly assign, schedule and dispatch projects, work orders and workers.

Annotations and photo protocols

With the annotation feature in WorkHeld, images, drawings and other documents can be annotated to document defects easily and create photo protocols or as-built documentation.

Progress reporting and Status dashboard

Through the integrated status dashboard its easy to keep track of projects, assignments and work order status. Thanks to the simple progress monitoring, you can see immediately if an order is behind schedule or a defect has occurred.

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The right solution for your sector!

WorkHeld is an integrated solution for production, assembly & commissioning, industrial service and maintenance.



Fast and controlled processes are essential in the production of larger capital goods.

Industrial service


Service is the key to a long-term partnership with satisfied customers.

Assembly & commissioning

The assembly & commissioning of your machines and assets is a critical moment on the way to customer satisfaction.



If a machine comes to a stop, fast and reliable actions must be taken.

The first intelligent voice assistant for industrial technicians

Digitize time-consuming maintenance, manufacturing or assembly processes with WorkHeld. With the innovative Field Service Management solution, your service technicians will become more productive and efficient. Digital process flows become even easier thanks to the integrated WorkHeld Voice Assistant.

Typing and clicking are not necessary and thethe lack of keyboard writing skills no longer is an issue. Work gloves or dirty hands are no obstacle for technicians, because interaction by speech promotes true multitasking. Your service technicians can retrieve and document information while they are still busy solving problems.

WorkHeld on Azure

WorkHeld on Microsoft Azure Europe was developed to meet the strict EU data protection requirements and certifications. Alternatively WorkHeld is available on your company’s Azure Tenant.

WorkHeld On Premise

WorkHeld On-Premise gives you all the benefits of the WorkHeld Standard version without limitation, but is implemented on your corporate servers, providing additional control over your data.

WorkHeld on

WorkHeld on SAP HANA integrates smoothly into your existing SAP system landscape and is operated on the SAP Cloud Platform.