Digital maintenance

  • Digital order planning
  • Checklists & spare parts management
  • Plant documentation with photos
  • With interfaces to SAP/ Navision/ Infor

Say goodbye to paper and Excel

Mobile maintenance becomes efficient

  1. Drastic increase in efficiency through better staff and shift planning
  2. Significant improvement of spare parts management and plant documentation
  3. Complete transparency about working time, machine status and costs

Digital maintenance

Increase the productivity of your employees by 25%, through mobile working.

Always keep an eye on the planned tasks. Your work processes become easier and more efficient.

Digital order planning

With Workheld, planning maintenance activities is child’s play. Maintenance tasks are conveniently assigned to the respective employees via drag and drop. In the team planner, you can keep track of which employees are assigned when.

Software solutions with SAP

SAP and Workheld can be easily connected with each other. This gives you the best of both software solutions and you only have to maintain the master data in one system.

After creating an order in the SAP system, the activities are documented via the Workheld apps and Features. After the order is completed, Workheld creates the confirmation in SAP.

flexible checklists

The days of clipboards and paper are over. Today, checklists are processed digitally and saved as PDF reports. Checklist templates and forms can be easily created and processed in the Workheld Apps.



Digital Checklists

Digital Signatures


Status dashboard


Drag & Drop work orders

Take a step into the future with Workheld.

We help you with this and support you with our production experts.

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Our Success Story with Messer

As a long-standing customer, Messer Austria uses Workheld Flow for maintenance planning and documentation. Ask one of our experts and they will be happy to show you how Messer Austria GmbH has digitalised its maintenance.

Application areas

Other areas also benefit from digital processes.