Commissioning and acceptance digital

  • Digital checklists with photos
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Video telephony support
  • Acceptance reports with photos

Commissioning easily documented and digitally stored

Easier than ever before

  1. Commissioning reports are documented with photos and digitally signed
  2. Problems can be solved in minutes via video telephony and data glasses
  3. Images and photos are digitally annotated and stored in the plant history

Workheld in brief

With Workheld, you ensure a smooth assembly process and complete documentation.

You can also keep an eye on the progress of the project remotely and always stay up to date.

Receive video assistance

Using Workheld Call, a video call to technicians in the field can be set up at any time or remote support can be requested from them. Experts in the office can see what the employee sees and can guide him step by step.

Annotations and photo protocols

Workheld makes it easy to take photos and, together with the annotation function, pictures, sketches and other documents can be annotated or marked up to better document defects or to capture as-built documentation on an installation.

Reports with digital signature

Creating reports has never been easier with Workheld. At the touch of a button, technicians can generate a PDF report from their documentation, which can be digitally signed by the customer.




Digital signature


Status dashboard



Take a step into the future with Workheld.

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Our Success Story with Automotion

As a long-standing customer, DS Automation GmbH uses Workheld Flow for service processing. Ask one of our experts and they will be happy to show you how DS Automation has digitalised its service.

Application areas

Other areas also benefit from digital processes.