Team Workheld

Our team consists of talented and international professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in software development, design, customer support and project management. We believe in the power of collaboration and cultivate a positive work culture in which each individual can contribute their skills and ideas. At Workheld, we are not only colleagues, but also a close-knit team. That’s why we attach great importance to regular joint team events, where we can get to know each other better, exchange ideas and have fun away from everyday work.

Software Development

The development team is colorful and international. Kristian and Milan are from Slovakia and have been with us the longest. Our CTO Daniel lives in Salzburg. The newest members are Sidney from Denmark and Marija, our Backend Developer. Ajdin from Bosnia is also responsible for the frontend. We owe the basis of our app to them.

Product Management

Our product management team consists of Gerhard, Theresa and Christine. Together, they take care of the app, in the form of product owning, user experience and design, customer success and project management.

Marketing & Sales

Benjamin and Valerie are responsible for Marketing & Sales. As CEO, Benjamin makes the demonstrations for new potential customers and is responsible for sales. Valerie takes care of our web and social media presence, as well as external communication and internal event management.

This sounds like you?

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