Paperless manufacturing is now mobile

  • Digital production order
  • Mobile feedback via app
  • Digital QM/QS Checklists
  • Step by step workman’s guide
  • Interfaces to ERP, DMS and PLM

Work faster, more efficiently and with a lower error rate.

Digital from order to delivery

  1. Cost reduction through optimised production processes
  2. Quality improvement through step-by-step instructions
  3. Simple documentation with quality checklists and photos

Digital manufacturing

With Workheld, your processes become efficient and transparent. So you always have an overview and can plan ideally.

This also ensures complete documentation throughout the entire production process.

Plan production orders

With Workheld, production planning becomes child’s play. Orders from the ERP (e.g. SAP, Infor or Navision) are conveniently assigned to the respective employees by drag and drop. In the team planner, you keep track of which orders are processed by whom and when.

Photo protocols

With photos of the production order, each assembly step can be digitally documented and annotated. This makes it easier to document defects and deviations and the actual documentation is stored and archived digitally.

Digital checklists

The days of clipboards and paper are over. Today, checklists are processed digitally and saved as PDF reports. Checklists, templates and forms can be easily created and assigned to jobs and employees. The Workheld Apps allow you to work through your checklists via smartphone or tablet.





Digital checklists




Work order templates

Take a step into the future with Workheld.

We help you with this and support you with our production experts.

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Our Success Story with LEWA

As a long-standing customer, LEWA GmbH uses Workheld in pump assembly. Ask one of our experts and they will be happy to show you how Lewa has digitalised their production with it.

Application areas

Other areas also benefit from digital processes.