Annotations and photo protocols

With the annotation feature in Workheld, images, drawings and other documents can be annotated to document defects easily and create photo protocols or as-built documentation.

Document annotation and photo protocols for as-built documentation

The document management in Workheld App offers technicians the possibility to enrich their documentation with pictures, sketches and other documents. This is particularly useful for documenting defects or as an additional safeguard when reading critical measurement values. Together it allows to easily create photo protocols and as-built documentation.

With the annotation feature documents can be annotated during creation. That enables technicians to not only document defects with images, but also mark the exact location of the problem.

Take new photos or access existing pictures

If a defect should be photographed on the current location, the camera can be started and the photo taken directly within the Workheld App. Of course, you also have access to all camera functions and can also access the integrated document scanner, for example. Once the photo has been taken, it is automatically saved to the photo documentation and the technicians can edit it with the annotation feature or add handwritten comments.

Annotation of plans and sketches

Alternatively, it is also possible to add an existing document, such as a technical drawings, to the documentation. That also allows the easy creation of as-built documentation or redlining in existing drawings with the integrated digital ruler and protractor.