Checklists and templates

Assembly, service or maintenance – technicians are always dependent on checklists and forms. Workheld makes managing and working with checklists very easy.

Digitalisation of checklists and documents

Despite digital job planning, many companies still work with classic documents as PDF or in paper form. The consequences are non-transparent documentation and media breaks. Workheld provides a remedy here! Checklists and documents can easily be created as digital checklists and saved as templates. With a few clicks the checklists can be attached to a work step so that the technician knows immediately what to do.

Each checklist in Workheld can consist of any number of points, which either specify that the performance of certain activities must be confirmed or that specified measured values must be recorded. It is up to you to decide how much leeway is given to the technician when working through the checklist. Individual points can be marked as obligatory or already specify which measured value must be recorded when, how and where. Of course, the technician can also add comments at any time.

Advantages of digital checklist templates

Digital checklists templates are much more flexible and adaptable than documents in paper. Changes or updates can be made without much effort and synchronized with all technicians. It is just as easy to map different versions of a form to reflect differences between machine types or country-specific laws.

In Workheld you can create any number of different checklist templates and edit or extend them at any time. The technicians always have the up to date version of a checklist in their app.

Reports with digital signature

Technicians can easily generate reports from the checklists in Workheld and have the customer sign them directly on site. Working hours, expenses or defects including photos can also be included in the reports. The header and other information in the report is automatically taken from the order information and the technicians do not have to fill it out manually again and again. This saves time and prevents errors.

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