Reports with digital signature

Technicians can use Workheld to generate pre-built or individuale designed reports from their documentation easily and have them quickly signed by the customer with a digital signature.

Digital reports

Creating reports with Workheld is easier than ever before. At the push of a button, a PDF report is generated from the technicians’ documentation, which can be signed with a digital signature. Technicians can choose from pre-defined report types or create an individual report by selecting and deselecting individual entries.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The header data of the reports are automatically created from the context information of the orders, so it is not necessary to enter them manually. If images are attached by documenting a defect or expenses, these are also displayed on the reports. And, of course, the reports also contain precise information on which working and travel times were created for which technician.

Of course, any number of different reports can be created per work order. All reports are automatically synchronized, but can also be forwarded directly by email or opened in an external program.

Create reports without additional effort

It is often the case that technicians have to produce several different reports with partly identical information. For example, a service report is often required for the customer and a test report for internal purposes. With Workheld, it is no longer necessary to enter this information over and over again or even write it manually into the report, since any number of different reports can be created from the existing documentation.