Enterprise OS

Fully Managed Industrial Operating System

Do you or your IT partners want to build your IIoT solution yourself and still make rapid progress? We have everything you need to successfully implement company-specific solutions – for IT teams large and small.

Fully managed

All software components and services between edge and app, also available as “fully managed”.

High standards

We use open interfaces, standard protocols and the highest security standards.


Data analysis, visualization, and automation capabilities accessible via REST API.

Tech Support

Technical support with industry-specific know-how can also be booked as a service.


Innovation and insights through powerful low-code dataset editor

Do you want to gain valuable insights from your machine data? Then the Workheld Sense dataset editor is a powerful low-code tool for this.

Low Code
Low Code

The Dataset Editor is an easy-to-use, low-code platform that allows you to aggregate and analyze your machine data for insights and innovation.

User friendly
User friendly

You can use the Workheld Sense Dataset API to retrieve the results of the analysis in your application. The dataset editor and low-code formula editor make it easy to use.

Ergebnisse filtern & formatieren
Filter & format results

You can take advantage of the efficiency of modern APIs to filter and format your results. When certain conditions occur, you can also generate alerts for your users.

Umfangreiches Analyse-Tool
Comprehensive analysis tool

The editor, in conjunction with its API, is a comprehensive and easy-to-use database, abstraction and analysis tool that gives you the ability to modify any query at any time.

Simple scripts with Sense Enterprise OS

Workheld Sense enables companies in any industry to create R and Python scripts that directly access your data in your IIoT databases or datasets. We’ll do the hard work for you – you don’t have to worry about connections or scripting infrastructure. Use the Scripts API as an easy way to remotely configure and execute any prepared script and get the results of the execution back. Make your machine learning workflows more efficient and cost-effective with this creative and powerful scripting environment.

With Workheld Sense, you can choose between an easy-to-use and cost-effective scripting environment or the API, which allows you to semi-automatically connect your external version control system to the Workheld scripting environment. You can even apply trained models of your machine learning workflow in Workheld Sense, making it a powerful and valuable model installation environment.

Why you should talk to us

In a short conversation, we want to get to know you and your company to learn how Workheld can provide the right solutions for you. We want to find out which of your work processes we can digitize in order to make work in your company easier, more efficient and more employee-friendly.