Process OS

Optimize your processes – increase your company value

The data applications of the Process OS offer the shortest path from planning your digital use case to implementation. Maximum reduced time-to-impact.

Why ready-to-use data applications?


The apps are ready to go in a few days and don’t require vendor lock-in


No IT is required for the setup, as the apps are ready-to-use and adaptable to your setup.

Highly efficient

The data apps help to optimize structures and build up a database.

Management & Sales

This is also advantageous for sales, as the applications are compatible with industry standards and the platform is browser-based.

Condition Monitoring

Monitor machines in real time, identify potential problems early, and reduce downtime. Data obtained through analysis with condition monitoring take the step towards predictive maintenance.

Your benefits

  • Faster troubleshooting with targeted data drill-downs and pattern recognition
  • Reduction of maintenance costs due to fewer breakdowns as well as lower personnel and travel costs.
  • Knowledge transfer in the service team about data applications
  • Overview of global machinery with direct access to analysis tools and remote access.
  • Ready for Predictive Maintenance

OEE Monitor

How efficient is your production? With mobile access, you can keep an eye on your machines and production status anytime, anywhere. Your MES is seamlessly integrated with Workheld Sense and turbocharges your shop floor management.

  • Plant Monitor
  • Line monitor
  • Operator & Shift Dashboard
  • Track&Trace
  • Digital Twin
  • Benchmarking
  • … and more

Why you should speak to us

In a short conversation, we want to get to know you and your company to learn how Workheld can provide the right solutions for you. We want to find out which of your work processes we can digitize in order to make work in your company easier, more efficient and more employee-friendly.