Asset OS – The next generation of remote access for the industry

All your machines at a glance and just one click away

Central overview of the global machine park and direct access with remote access.

Central overview of the global machine park and direct access with remote access.

Seamless integration of condition monitoring, data logging, alarm monitoring and the full IIoT cloud.

Flexible control of access rights via central user and role management

Keep an eye on the machines globally

Asset OS makes it possible. Easily start the remote connection from your desk top. Say goodbye to endless lists and logins.

Military Grade TLS encrypted Connection

Highest security standards with state-of-the-art channel encryption.

100% secure connection for your customers

The Workheld Sense Asset OS provides secure remote access via remote desktop (VNC, RDP), file transfer (SCP, SFTP), shell (SSH) or web (HTTPS) and other protocols to remote devices behind router or firewall. No port-forwarding, scarce public IPv4 addresses, or complex and inflexible VPNs.

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

Do you have a lot to do and want to move quickly? Your entire service team can work on different devices at the same time.

Highly scalable

Many new machines are added every year? Wonderful! Workheld Sense’s robust yet lightweight technology is made just for you.


We know that all their devices are entrenched behind firewalls. That’s why: one port, outgoing only.

Out-of-the-box Data Logging

Save the data to be able to post-process past events and learn from them.

All major operating systems, industry standards and protocols

– Operating systems: Windows 10, Linux, ARM Linux, etc. 

– Interfaces and controllers: OPC UA, XML, SQL, Siemens S7, SINUMERIK 840D sl, Heidenhain TNC 640, FANUC 31i-B

– Protocols: Siemens RFC 1006, SFTP, SCP, SSH, RDP and many more. compatible

– MQTT Data Transfer

Condition Monitoring

By monitoring your machine in real time, you create the necessary conditions for the identification of possible problems and thus the reduction of downtimes.

Edge Computing Supported

Our Edge – also robust and lightweight – provides an interface for creating input plugins (plugins that read data from various data sources) as well as output plugins. This enables them to implement computing at the edge.

User and Role Management

Hundreds of users can be registered and fine-grained application permissions and access permissions can be assigned.

Resource-saving and browser-based

We know that remote devices often have very limited computing resources and therefore it is often difficult to host VPN clients. Our client is extremely lightweight on both the local and remote side. We also understand that neither IT administrators nor users want the client to slow down PCs, so integration into the OS is not necessary for local clients.

Data Routing

At the level of a data point or groups of data points, a simple configuration can be used to decide where the data is to be sent.

Seamless upgrade to Process OS and Enterprise OS

Do your teams know condition monitoring inside out and are ready to take the next step towards predictive maintenance? Do you want to transform your entire organization into a data-driven, high-performance team? All Workheld Sense tools are just waiting to be discovered.

Why you should speak to us

In a short conversation, we want to get to know you and your company to learn how Workheld can provide the right solutions for you. We want to find out which of your work processes we can digitize in order to make work in your company easier, more efficient and more employee-friendly.