Work and travel time recording

With Workheld, technicians can quickly and easily document their working and travel times either via the automatic start/stop function or with manual entries including breaks and additional information on the accomplished work.

Record working and travel times immediately, accurately and fairly

With Workheld you record working and travel times immediately, accurately and fairly. One click is enough and the start/stop automatic starts the working time recording, which is not only automatically written to the appropriate job, but also assigned exactly to the individual work steps. So you can be sure that working times are not only written correctly, but it is also clear which activity was carried out when and for how long.

Alternatively, working and travel times can also be written manually, with the option of writing the times for other colleagues as well – they do not even need an active Workheld account for this.

Detailed documentation of working and travel times including additional information.

If a working time is documented in Workheld, it is of course possible to provide it with a title and a detailed description. If the start/stop automatic is used, even the intelligent voice assistant can support you. With the command “I want to document my working time” our assistant asks for a title and a description for the current working time and of course it is possible to add new comments to the documentation this way.

By documenting travel times, Workheld can also be used to keep a logbook that not only contains the starting and destination points, purpose of the trip and the route taken, but also informations on the means of transport. Of course it can also be specified whether the travel time is active or passive. And once again, there is also the possibility to record the times for other colleagues.

Weekly overview and reports

Of course, working times are printed on the reports in Workheld, including titles and comments, and the travel time entries also include all the information documented as part of the logbook. So technicians can have their working and travel times confirmed by the customer’s signature directly on site.

The weekly report also allows coordinators to keep a close eye on the workload of all employees. Working and travel times are broken down in detail and also differentiated according to projects, orders and work steps as well as active and passive travel time.