Digital customer service: Transparent order execution throughout the service process

Transparent order execution in customer service plays an important role, especially when defects or legal disputes occur. With Workheld you always have all important information documented in detail and quickly at hand!

100% transparent order execution in digital customer service through the integrated construction diary

Workheld’s construction diary allows technicians to document information such as weather conditions, temperature, tools used, deliveries received and defects that occur. To keep defects transparent, pictures, sketches, annotations and markers can be added. In addition to a description of the defect, a temporary solution and a general comment, technicians can also document the order number and the time lost.

The documentation of material consumption is also very easy with Workheld. Technicians can simply pull the materials from the material catalogue and thus document the consumption – the practical search function makes this particularly easy. In addition, a distinction is made between spare parts, consumables and assembly materials to ensure maximum flexibility.

Document material consumption quickly and easily to enable a transparent work process

In addition to the documentation of working and travel times, the recording of measured values or checklists, status management is also included. Using status management, you can quickly and easily track construction progress, receive a warning when defects occur and be informed if deadlines are not met.

With Workheld you always have complete transparency over the entire service process.

1. Working time recording – accurate and fair

One click starts the start/stop automatic and thus the working time recording, which automatically assigns the correct work step within the appropriate job. So you can be sure that working times are not only written correctly, but also that it is clear at a glance which activity was carried out when and for how long.

By tracking working hours, you can determine at any time when and how long your technicians have been working on a job

2. Transparent tracking of the travel time

Travel times are made transparent with the logbook. It contains both the starting point and destination as well as the purpose of the journey, the route travelled and information on the means of transport. Of course, it can also be indicated whether the travel time is active or passive.

3. Full transparency – at the end of the day

After completion of the job, the saved working and travel times and other documentation from the construction diary can be printed on the reports in Workheld, including titles and comments. The customer can confirm this report immediately on site by digital signature.

At the end of the week, the digital weekly report shows you at a glance the workload of all employees.

With the weekly report you have an overview of the workload of your employees always and everywhere

Go one step further in digital customer service with Workheld and achieve complete transparency in the entire service process.