Achieve transparent accounting in the production

Workheld ensures complete transparency in the entire production process – even the recording of expenses and the final accounting are not neglected.

Technicians’ expenses – documented quickly and transparently

The expense recording makes it very easy to keep track of travel costs and expenses. Of course, you can individually adjust the currency in which the expenses are recorded. For transparent documentation in the production, you can attach a photo of the invoice to the expense entry at any time.

You can either photograph the invoice in the classic way or add it to the expense entry conveniently and easily using the integrated document scanner – this ensures that the stated expenses actually add up to the invoice total.

Capture expenses quickly and easily and add images and documents

The intelligent voice assistant can also help you record expenses. For example, the assistant immediately recognizes the sentence “I spent 20 € on lunch” as a request to create an expense entry and automatically saves it for the current work step.

With Workheld you can quickly and easily document expenses and costs in the production.

Transparent work – transparent accounting – satisfied customers

After the order has been successfully completed, the technician can generate a detailed PDF report from his entire documentation with just a few clicks. This digital report can be signed on site by the customer with a digital signature. The digital report contains travel times, working hours, completed tasks, used material, photos, sketches and many other details which are documented in the construction diary.

The digital work report with all relevant information about the order provides complete transparency for you, your employees and your customers

The acquired data is transmitted to you at the same time and can be immediately edited and invoiced. In this way, the orders can be evaluated and completed in terms of costs, which is the basis for invoicing. Faster invoicing speeds up the turnaround time of the receivables, thus enabling an increase in liquidity in your customer production company.

Use Workheld and its features to ensure efficient and transparent invoicing in the production!