The three most valuable use cases for mobile apps in the field service

There is no right answer to the question of how to best digitally transform a field service organization.  However, with regard to mobility, there are three use cases that have proven to be profitable. These are directly related to the key KPIs of field service organizations: customer satisfaction, first-time fix rate, SLA compliance, routing efficiency and field technician utilization .

Work order management

Work orders are the key to customer satisfaction. When a work order management application is properly designed and configured, technicians can focus more on getting the job done and avoid unwanted or unnecessary data. In addition, technicians are able to update and complete work orders by quickly and easily entering data through various functions such as selection lists, image capture and drawing /editing tools.

Time and cost recording

Customers want to know which and how effectively and efficiently these orders were conducted and completed. In order to provide transparency for the customer, it is necessary to document exactly what and how the technicians spent their time. Time and cost recording is also used to plan ahead in terms of training needs and hiring of technicians.

Asset management

The availability of assets and resources is essential for a field service organization. This includes planning, purchasing and administration of all company assets. This data can be collected on site by several technicians, alerting the field service manager and thus enabling actions to be taken as quickly as possible. New assets can already be scanned at the loading ramp, which increases the precision and completeness of the data. With a transparent view of the company’s asset management system, your field service organization has visibility into the entire asset lifecycle while ensuring that they have the resources they need at all times.

Of course, there are countless use cases for which mobile apps can be useful. But these three deliver the greatest ROI directly from the time of commissioning.

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