WorkHeld was developed in close cooperation with our customers and industry experts specifically for manufacturing, service management, assembly & commissioning and maintenance management.

Get a picture of the different application areas here or take a look at the complete liste of features in WorkHeld.

Assembly and Commissioning

The assembly and commissioning of machines and plants is an important step on the way to ongoing customer satisfaction. WorkHeld ensures a smooth process and complete documentation. You can easily track the progress of the construction from remotely. Digital checklists and templates guarantee that nothing is forgotten during commissioning. WorkHeld is suitable for working with complex electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic diagrams and ensures that technicians on site always have the right documents at hand. Even offline.
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Customer Service Management

Good customer service is the key to a long-lasting partnership with satisfied customers. WorkHeld enables you to deliver the best possible service quickly and reliably. Not only does WorkHeld facilitate the planning and execution of service orders, it also makes a good impression on your customers. The automatically generated service reports can be digitally signed directly on site. This ensures easy, fast and transparent invoicing.
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Digital Order Management

For the manufacturing of small components or the assembly of large machines and plants, the digital processing of production orders on the shop floor ensures efficiency and increases flexibility. Seamless documentation is guaranteed, and workers have step by step work instructions available which will reduce the error rate and increase job satisfaction.
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Maintenance and operations

With WorkHeld its easy to keep track and plan upcoming maintenance routines. Mainenace planning can be done with an eye on the historical data of a machine. This also allows you to analyze lifetime costs of the plant and components. Ultimately you will be able to make a data based decision about repairing or buying new equipment. WorkHeld maintenance data can enrich your predictive maintenance models and help to automate the maintenance planning. This will be you path towards proactively preventing downtime.
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