Safety in maintenance through real multitasking

Our health is our greatest asset – with Workheld and the integrated voice assistant you can ensure the safety of your technicians in the field. In addition, real multitasking and efficient order execution throughout the entire maintenance process is possible.

Increased safety in maintenance through the intelligent voice assistant

Workheld is the first field service management software with an intelligent voice assistant. Comparable to a hands-free car kit, the voice assistant also increases safety in the workplace, as technicians have distraction-free access to all relevant information and can document their work by speaking.

Real multitasking through the most natural form of input – language

Through voice control only, technicians can perform real multitasking! Information can be requested or documented while the technician is still busy solving the problem or is already at the wheel of his car on his way home. Typing and clicking are no longer necessary, so work gloves or dirty hands are no longer an issue for technicians. Neither is the lack of mastery of keystrokes a problem. This ensures safety and saves time throughout the maintenance process.

Increase the safety of your technicians in the field by using our intelligent voice assistant

Efficient and convenient order processing with the intelligent voice assistant

Documenting and retrieving information has never been as fast and easy as with Workheld! This allows technicians to document information such as defects or working hours by voice control or to retrieve documents for work orders.

But what quantifiable added value does the increase in efficiency really provide? By using artificial intelligence, time savings of up to one hour per day can be achieved. The main reason for this is the possibility of real multitasking and faster information input – expressed in numbers, a person can type 40 words per minute but speak up to 150 words.

Ensure safety and efficiency in the entire maintenance process by using our intelligent voice assistant.