Recording of expenses

Workheld makes it easy for technicians to document expenses including date and photo of the invoice.

Expense recording with photo of the invoice

Expense recording makes it very easy to keep track of travel costs and expenses. Of course, the currency in which the expenses are recorded can be adjusted individually and you can attach a photo of the expense entry to the invoice at any time.

The invoice can be photographed in the classic way or added to the expense entry using the integrated document scanner – this ensures that the expenses stated actually match the invoice amount. And even if the expense report won’t be completely digitalized, a significant advantage is that the accounting department can immediately recognize which receipt belongs to which expense entry based on the invoice photos.

The intelligent voice assistant can also provide support in recording expenses. For example, the assistant immediately recognizes the sentence “I spent 20 € for lunch” as a request to create an expense entry and automatically saves it for the current work step.