Making home office possible in maintenance

For industrial companies, it is a great challenge to send employees to home office and still ensure that they can do their work – this also applies to maintenance. After all, in this sector it is common to discuss and hand over daily or weekly work orders personally in a meeting. This makes it particularly difficult to successfully manage a maintenance team without physical contact, just by teleworking or home office. But under the current circumstances, this is the only way to successfully manage an organization.

This can be achieved by using the cloud based solution Workheld. It allows field technicians to receive their work orders from anywhere. Coordinators and managers in the home office can also communicate with the technicians in the field without restriction and pursue their work.

In constant contact with the mobile technician

The actual work of the technicians can of course still only take place on site. But the problem in maintenance is usually not keeping distance to colleagues or customers, but the actual receiving of the work order. This is because the daily distribution of orders usually takes place in the form of personal meetings or shift handovers.

In contrast, with Workheld the mobile technician receives his work orders and all other relevant documents directly on his Workheld Mobile App, which can be used with or without an active Internet connection to document working times, travel times and measured values.

Existing defects can be documented directly on site in the Workheld Mobile App. In order to inform the home office staff about complex problems quickly and easily about complex problems quickly and easily, mobile technicians can not only document the defect with pictures, sketches or other documents, but also add markers and annotations so that the problem can be identified immediately.

Once the work is done, the mobile technician creates a PDF report from the entire documentation at the push of a button, which can be signed by the customer with a digital signature. Thus, invoicing is quick, easy and almost completely without physical contact.

Coordination and management from home

With Workheld, managers and coordinators assign daily or weekly projects, assignments and work orders conveniently via drag & drop without having to leave their homes even once. The status dashboard shows you immediately if an order is delayed or a defect has occurred – so you always have an overview of the current status of your projects and orders even in home office.

To ensure a successful workflow without constant face-to-face communication, you can create digital checklists and assign work steps comfortably from home, so that the technician in the field immediately knows what to do. The tasks can be supplemented with pictures, sketches and other documents.

The work documentation of the technicians in the field is also completed and synchronized via Workheld so that coordinators and service managers can retrieve the digital work reports and timesheets in the home office. The further processing of working hours, travel times and service reports works as usual (e.g. with Excel, SAP, BMD, Navision, etc.) thanks to the data export of Workheld.

Home office for maintenance: Use Workheld 3 months free of charge

To ensure that your maintenance team can continue its work even in the current situation, we support you free of charge in the switching to our digital solution. However, we are aware that many companies have special needs. Therefore we will configure some aspects of the app and customize it for you (e.g. defect categories, measurement categories or material types). This will be worked out and fixed in an online onboarding workshop. After a few days the system is ready for use and an unlimited number of Workheld licenses are available for the next 3 months. This is followed by an online training for coordinators, managers and technicians in the field. Everyone can participate via video stream and is thereafter ready for working from the home office.

Send us a short message and we will contact you to arrange a date for the onboarding workshop. (First come, first served!)