Maintenance 4.0: Achieve efficient documentation via touch or voice command

The time-consuming process of writing, sorting and searching for important documents has now come to an end! With Workheld’s easy touch or voice control, efficient documentation in your maintenance company is guaranteed.

Fast, simple & detailed documentation – through the intelligent voice assistant

Workheld is the first field service management software with an intelligent voice assistant. By using artificial intelligence, time savings of up to one hour per day can be achieved. The main reason for this is the possibility of real multitasking and faster information input – expressed in numbers, a human being can type 40 words per minute but speak up to 150 words.

The intelligent voice assistant allows technicians to document information such as defects or working hours by voice command and also to call up documents on work orders. Typing and clicking are no longer necessary, so work gloves or dirty hands are no longer an obstacle for technicians. Neither is a lack of keystroke knowledge a problem.

Ensure real multitasking and efficient operation by communicating quickly and easily with our intelligent voice assistant

With the voice assistant real multitasking will be possible! Information can be requested or documented while the technician is still busy solving the problem or is already at the wheel of his car on his way home.

Use Workheld’s intelligent voice assistant to ensure fast and detailed documentation in your maintenance company.

Digital maintenance: Efficient documentation with just a few clicks

Workheld provides fast, easy and detailed documentation, before, during and even after the work order is completed!

Before the actual work order can be carried out by the technician in the field, he must receive the order. With Workheld you can quickly and easily assign technicians, tools and assets to the planned work orders using drag & drop.

Assign technicians, tools and equipment to work orders quickly and easily via drag & drop

On site, technicians can not only document complex defects with pictures, sketches and other documents, but also mark them up so that you can immediately see where the problem lies. This efficient documentation work ensures quick understanding and transparency for you and your employees.

The marking of images ensures a quick and easy understanding of the problem at hand

After the work order has been successfully completed, the technician can generate a PDF report from the entire documentation at the push of a button. This can be signed immediately by the customer with a digital signature.

Take a step towards the digitalization of maintenance with Workheld and ensure efficient documentation via touch and voice command!