Label images and documents on the tablet

With Workheld 3.2, a new feature has been added that we all eagerly anticipated. When working with customers, we quickly recognized the potential to make daily work on the tablet even smoother. Workheld is now even better tailored to the needs of technicians and coordinators.

Workheld 3.2 with annotation function

In times when everything was still documented on paper, it was easy to leave notes. You simply took a pencil and drew directly on the printed plans and documents. You could write, paint, comment and erase as much as you wanted. That sounds quite nice, but what was the problem? Clearly, the paper.

The digitalisation of work processes has many advantages. It is faster, less complicated, more direct, easier to carry, more organized and generally simply better. Only this one nice feature with the pencil has fallen by the wayside somewhere in the innovation.

We didn’t want to let that get away with us. Workheld 3.2 makes the pencil digital

Label and comment on photos and plans on the tablet

Workheld 3.2 now has an commentary function. This means that documents can now be edited directly on the tablet by simply drawing on them with a digital pen. Technicians can easily continue with their job completion habits and still benefit from the digital way of working. Of course, the whole thing also works in the classic way with a mouse or a touchpad. Comments are automatically sent to the central office after synchronization. Feedback and further instructions are delivered in minutes.

The new marking function in Workheld thus makes order fulfillment in assembly and service processes more target-oriented and efficient. Tablet use becomes even more intuitive and easier to handle.

Use in the notification of defects

An example of use is the service technician who discovers a defect in a machine in the field. Instead of laboriously formulating in writing exactly where the defect is located, he can now use Workheld to take a photo of the machine and then draw in exactly where the fault is located.

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