4 points for easy and fast order planning in customer service with Workheld

With Workheld and its features you will be able to plan orders easily and quickly in your customer service company.

1. Plan employees simply by drag & drop

The scheduling and order planning in customer service becomes a piece of cake with Workheld. It allows you to assign the planned orders to the technicians simply by drag & drop. To avoid double scheduling, you can use the availability check to check whether the selected employee is not assigned to another work order at the scheduled time. This speeds up your order planning significantly.

With Workheld you can easily assign your employees to the planned work order by drag & drop

2. Use of checklists for easy order planning in customer service

While scheduling the order, you can also add checklists to the work steps with just a few clicks, so that the technician immediately knows what to do. This ensures an uncomplicated and transparent work process. Unlike paper forms, digital checklists are much more flexible and changes and updates can be quickly adjusted and synchronized with all technicians.

Use checklists for easy and fast order planning and operation

Each checklist in Workheld can consist of any number of items. These either specify that the execution of certain activities must be confirmed or that predefined measured values must be acquired. It is up to you to decide how much flexibility is left to the technician when working through the checklist. Single points can be marked as obligatory or already specify which measured value must be recorded when, how and where.

This means that nothing stands in the way of quick and easy order planning and order execution.

3. Easy to understand for the technician in the field

In order to make order planning uncomplicated and quickly understandable for the technicians in the field, you can also add pictures, drawings, sketches and other documents to the work order. After synchronization, the documents are of course available for you and the technicians – even without an active Internet connection. This means that you and your technicians always have access to all relevant information and documentation and ensure that all your employees can quickly and easily understand them.

Make it easy for technicians to understand and add images and documents to work orders

4. Greater efficiency in customer service through the use of Workheld work templates

Of course you can also use our work templates when planning and creating new projects, assignments and work orders. These are particularly useful if the work is to be done repeatedly according to the same pattern. You can quickly and easily create, edit and manage work templates. With Workheld you also always have an overview of all work templates and can easily search or delete them when they are no longer needed.

With Workheld you can make job scheduling in your customer service company quick and easy and always have an overview of your staff planning.