Experts on Demand


Palfinger AG, based in Bergheim Salzburg, Austria, is a listed technology and mechanical engineering company and provides hydraulic cranes and lifting technology solutions. The company, founded in 1932 in Schärding, Upper Austria, became known for its truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes. With 150 models of this product alone, Palfinger has a global market share of 35 percent and is considered the world market leader.

How can Experts Provide Support Worldwide?

Palfinger AG’s cranes are developed and built in Austria, but are in use all over the world. The promise of quality is that the cranes are always ready for use. But what if not? How can the experts in Austria ensure that the crane in Australia is up and running again as quickly as possible? Flying there would be an option, but it’s expensive.

A Digital Business Model

So why not build a digital business model in which experts from Austria help digitally with troubleshooting? This saves money for the trip and so both sides benefit.

Are the Clients Interested?

In order to establish such an innovative business model in a conservative industry, both customers and providers must be open to new ideas. The mechanical engineering industry and also the construction industry are often cautious in this respect. Therefore, it is important to integrate the tele-maintenance solution well into the customer portal. So that the customer knows right away how to reach the experts as quickly as possible.

Tele-Maintenance with Workheld Call

Together with Palfinger AG, Workheld has developed the SmartEye app for Android, iOS and smart glasses. It is a whitelabel version of the WH Call App.

The Goal

Our goal was to enable remote support for customers, partners and technicians in the field by the Palfinger experts in Austria. Remote support is intended to save resources, save time and increase efficiency.

Our Solution: Workheld Call

Workheld Call can be customized with the customer’s design, logos, and colors so that the customer’s brand is recognized in support. This is how the Palfinger SmartEye app was created and is independently released by Palfinger in the various app stores. Real-time video and audio transmission enables specialists to guide the work process as well as send image-based feedback directly to the mobile device. This allows them to provide real-time support regardless of location. The entire support session can be recorded and later used for training purposes and is end-to-end encrypted.

Results & Benefits

By implementing the Smart Eye and Workheld Call software, some positive results have been achieved for the company.

Decreased CO2 Emmisions

The use of Smart Eyes results in the need for less travel and is therefore a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Experts’ Knowledge from Anywhere

Now it is possible to be supported with the knowledge of the experts in just a few seconds, no matter from where.

Benefits for Clients

Customers can also benefit from the good cooperation and increased efficiency. After all, your concerns can be processed much faster and there are fewer waiting times.

A Successful Cooperation

The cooperation between Palfinger and Workheld takes place in regular meetings and workshops. Once a month there is a Customer Success Meeting and, depending on your needs, workshops are organized to specify new features or plan the development roadmap.


Connection to the Active Directory and integration into the customer portal and the web shop of Palfinger AG.