Digital customer service: time savings in the entire work process

Time is money – with Workheld you can add one hour of unproductivity to your time saving account every day.

Uncomplicated and fast order planning in customer service

With Workheld your scheduling and order planning becomes a piece of cake. With Workheld you can quickly and easily assign technicians, tools and assets to the planned work orders by drag & drop. To avoid double assignment in advance, you can use the availability check and a few clicks to check whether or not the selected employee is assigned to another work order at the scheduled time. With Workheld, you can make order planning in your customer service organization quick and easy.

Save time in workforce scheduling with the quick drag & drop function

Subsequent updates and annotations using digital documentation

With Workheld you have the possibility to add pictures and sketches to the order, both during the work process and afterwards. It also allows technicians in the field to mark up complex defects so they can immediately see where exactly the problem is. Use Workheld to digitize your documentation and save time in the service process.

Add annotations to images to quickly and easily explain where exactly the problem lies

Digital reports – digital signature – real increase in liquidity

After the work order has been successfully completed, the technician can generate a PDF report from the entire documentation at the push of a button. This report can be signed by the customer on site with a digital signature. The documented data is transferred to you at the same time and can be processed and invoiced immediately. The quicker invoicing ensures an acceleration of the turnover time of the receivables, thus enabling an increase in liquidity.

Create a digital report with digital signature at the push of a button

Go one step further with Workheld in digital customer service and save precious time that you and your service technicians can invest in an efficient job execution.