Digital customer service: long-term customer satisfaction & customer loyalty

Increase customer satisfaction with Workheld and thus ensure strong and long-term customer loyalty in customer service.

Customer satisfaction through fast reaction to their wishes

As soon as a new or changed service order arrives from a customer, it can be immediately scheduled and executed with Workheld. With Workheld you can quickly and easily add employees, tools and assets to new work orders using drag and drop. This allows you to react faster to the orders, wishes and needs of your customers and thus lay the foundation for long-term customer loyalty.

Plan work orders quickly and easily via drag & drop

Digital customer service: Faster workflow through the features of Workheld

The more efficient and faster the process from order placement to order completion, the more satisfied the customer. Once the customer has placed the order, you can start immediately with the work scheduling via drag & drop. The actual execution of the work order by the technician is also made easier by the use of checklists and the possibility of adding pictures, sketches and other documents. Technicians can also document annotations and defects immediately and synchronize them with you at the same time. This ensures a transparent and efficient way of working and thus the satisfaction of your customers.

Add images with annotations for easier and faster identification

During execution, the entire work process can be documented both by touch and by voice command. Workheld is the first field service management software with an intelligent voice assistant. By using the voice assistant, time savings of up to one hour per day can be achieved. The main reason for this is the possibility for real multitasking and faster information input – expressed in numbers, a human being can type 40 words per minute but speak up to 150 words. Workheld’s features save time and make your service company more efficient.

Transparency in the service process ensures customer satisfaction

The status dashboard ensures that you can always tell the customer exactly what the current status of the order is. This allows you to see at a glance the progress of projects, assignments and work orders. After each synchronization by the technician in the field, the information is immediately sent to your office.

With the status dashboard you always have an overview of all orders and thus ensure complete transparency in the entire work process

After successfully completing the work order, the technicians can create a PDF report from all documentation with just a few clicks. This can be easily signed by the customer on site with a digital signature. The reports include working & travel times, defects, photos, sketches, material consumption and many other details. This ensures uncomplicated and transparent invoicing in customer service.

With Workheld you increase transparency and efficiency in the entire service process and thus ensure long-term customer satisfaction.