Digital Assembly Reports for SBM Mineral Processing

SBM Mineral Processing

With more than seven decades of experience, SBM Mineral Processing is one of the leading full-service suppliers of processing and conveying systems for the raw materials and recycling industry. The range of products includes individual machines, mobile and stationary plants for the preparation and production of concrete, as well as the corresponding customer service and support. Great importance is attached to the production of all products according to the highest quality standards. SBM is part of the MFL group of companies and employs around 180 people.

Reporting Assembly Work

An important step in the field of assembly is the creation of reports, which was originally carried out manually by the responsible technicians. This meant that assembly assignments had to be documented individually and finally an individual report had to be created. To counteract this effort, the company has decided to take an important step: digitizing these reports.

With the help of software solutions such as Workheld, assembly reports can be automated and digitized. Digital assembly reports provide an efficient and transparent way to document and track work. This, in turn, improves the quality of work and can facilitate collaboration between employees.

Example image by SBM Mineral Processing

Digital Reports with Workheld

Digital Reports: Created as if by Magic

With its user-friendly operation, Workheld is the savior when it comes to automatically generating reports. The platform allows techinkers to upload photos of their work steps and enter the data. Finally, the software automatically generates a digital assembly report, which can be exported as a PDF file or in another format. The entire process, from documentation to PDF reports, is thus automated with the help of the Workheld app.

Small Changes – Big Benefits

By automating this essential work step (the creation of assembly reports), SBM’s employees can fully concentrate on their work on the systems again and are freed from the tedious documentation process. There were some advantages for the company.

Transparency & Documentation

Digital assembly reports provide transparent and comprehensive documentation of the assembly work carried out. All relevant information, such as working hours, materials used and steps of the assembly process, are digitally recorded and stored. This ensures complete traceability and possible liability issues can be clarified more easily. Digital archiving also allows quick access to past reports and facilitates subsequent maintenance or repair of the equipment.

Next Level Collaboration

Collaboration between employees and different departments of the company also improves. By easily sharing information and documents in real time, problems can be identified and resolved faster. If necessary, external experts or customer service representatives can also access the digital reports to assist in analyzing or resolving issues. The improved communication thus contributes to a more efficient and effective collaboration.

Improved Customer Service

The use of digital assembly reports allows SBM to provide an even better service to its customers. Through the detailed documentation of the assembly steps and the condition of the equipment, customers can be informed about the progress and get an accurate overview of the performance provided. 


The goal is to maintain the successfully implemented digitalization of the assembly reports and to maintain and continue the good cooperation between SBM and Workheld.