Defect management

With the defect management in Workheld, technicians can quickly and easily document defects or problems, including photos and a detailed description of the defects, time loss and materials involved.

Easy defect documentation without compromises

The documentation of defects is important in order to be able to react quickly and correctly in case of an emergency. Workheld offers a variety of possibilities to not only document faults or problems in detail but also to handle them in a sensible way.

Technicians can choose from predefined deviation and defect categories when documenting defects. These can be individually adapted. In addition to a description of the defect, a provisional solution and a general comment, the order number, the affected material and model and the time loss can also be specified.

Of course, it is also possible to attach pictures, sketches and other documents to the defect and mark them with tags so that it is possible to see immediately where exactly the problem lies. Defects can also be documented with our intelligent voice assistant. With the command “I want to document a defect” our assistant asks for a description of the defect and automatically saves it to the current work step.

React faster to defects

Workheld can also be configured so that the persons in charge are automatically informed of a defect by email. In addition, defects are also displayed prominently in the status overview to ensure a quick response.

If the defect is created in the course of a work order or individual work step to which an asset has also been assigned, the value is automatically linked to the asset history and can be called up at any time via the asset overview. Over time, this will also provide useful insights into common problems with certain system components.