Complete transparency in the whole maintenance process – through the features of Workheld

All at a glance – Workheld ensures complete transparency in your maintenance company!

Plants, tools, defects – all information and documentation always and everywhere available

The technicians’ documentation is linked to the relevant plant via the asset management. This enables you to identify exactly when, where and how work was carried out on a system. The asset history shows you in detail which parts were replaced, which values were recorded during the last check, or whether defects have occurred recently.

With Workheld you have the possibility to add the required tools for the planned work order or work step directly by drag & drop. So the technician knows immediately which tool he needs for the correct completion of the order. If a tool is currently not available, this information can be called up via the tool status.

Even in the documentation of defects, a high level of transparency can be guaranteed for you and your technicians. Defect management enables technicians to quickly and easily document defects or problems including photos and a detailed description of the defect, time loss and the materials affected.

With Workheld you have all the relevant information and documentation about plants, tools and defects always and everywhere at hand.

Complete transparency in maintenance – through the status dashboard

The status dashboard shows you at a glance which projects, assignments and work orders are in which status. The dashboard shows you the number of defects that have occurred and warns you if, for example, a work order should already be in progress, but no work has yet been done. If the defect is created in the course of a work order or individual work step to which an asset has also been assigned, the value is automatically linked to the asset history and can be called up at any time via the asset overview. Over time, meaningful insights into common problems with certain asset components become apparent.

Create complete transparency in the entire service process with Workheld.

Always have a transparent overview of the progress of all work orders and projects with the status dashboard

Work and travel time recording – transparent, precise and fair

One click starts the Start/Stop Automatic and thus the working time recording, which automatically assigns the correct work step within the matching order. So you can be sure that working times are not only written correctly, but also that it is clear which activity was done when and for how long.

Travel times are made transparent with the logbook. It contains both the starting point and destination as well as the purpose of the journey, the distance travelled and information on the vehicle. Of course, it can also be indicated whether the travel time is active or passive.

At the end of the week you can create a digital weekly report with just a few clicks. This shows you the workload of all your employees at a glance.

The weekly report shows you at a glance the complete working & travel time of your employees

With Workheld you have complete transparency over the entire maintenance process.