Revolution in Building Management

Fix Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH

FIX Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH offers technical building support in all trades. However, the company is not an industrial service provider or cleaner, but focuses on the technology within a building. It is serviced, maintained, repaired and modernized. Currently, FIX GmbH already has seven locations in Austria and has also been active in Zurich, Switzerland and Aschheim near Munich since the beginning of 2021. The company is part of the Peneder Group, which consists of approx. 450 employees, 93 of whom work operationally at FIX Gebäudesicherheit.

Many Resources to Digitize

Over a long period of time, FIX GmbH had already digitized certain equipment in the buildings with software, but in the long run it became too small. Even more equipment was to be digitized, because there were more and more products and assets in the buildings.

A New Software Solution was Needed

A new solution should make the workflow more consistent and include planning as well as photos and documentation. Above all, the handling of service technicians should also be simplified. With these requirements, the company turned to K-Businesscom and thus came to us, the Workheld GmbH.

The Relevance of Digitization

Digitization starts with construction, with BIM (Building Information Modeling). In the future, hopefully, a lot of data can be taken out of the construction, which can be used afterwards in maintenance or repair. Due to the large building stock, which also has to be recorded, which can only happen in the course of maintenance, Workheld offers a great advantage, as the recording is done from the outside. In this case, Workheld provides the ideal software solution.

The Solution With Workheld

What was to be Achieved?

Our goal at Fix Building Security and Service was an end-to-end workflow. All assets, products and equipment in the buildings were to be digitally recorded.

Workheld ensures Consistent Workflows

With the implementation of the Workheld app, a consistent workflow that digitally records all products of the building was introduced in the company. In addition, the Workheld app was completely adapted to the corporate design of Fix Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH according to the customer’s wishes.

Results & Benefits

The cooperation between Workheld and FIX GmbH is an ongoing interesting learning process for both parties. Furthermore, we are working together on the perfect solution for digitization, while both companies always remain open to new ideas and change requests. So far, some great results have already been seen.

End-to-End Workflow

As already mentioned, digitization enables a consistent workflow. This saves time and resources, minimizes errors and achieves better monitoring and traceability of processes. In addition, a digital infrastructure can be flexibly adapted to changing needs, which enables constant optimization of the workflow.

All Assets are Digitally Recorded

Throughout the company, almost all assets are now digitally recorded. This allows for more efficient management and improves transparency within the organization. Also, data can be easily updated and analyzed, which contributes to better decision-making.

Better Communication between the Technicians

Thanks to the extensive common platform, a great improvement within the communication between the technicians was soon noticed. Workheld makes it possible for information and data to be shared and reconciled. This leads to better coordination and collaboration, which results in time savings, increased efficiency and a higher quality of work.

A Successful Cooperation

Together, the two companies are constantly working on a suitable solution for digitization. The fact that the cooperation ultimately turned out to be a complete success was also evident when the companies jointly won the award for “Sustainable Digitalization” at the ICT Austria #SustainableDigitalization annual event in October 2022.

After a long cooperation with the team of Fix Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH, Christine Geier, (COO of Workheld) together with the project team Nikola Holzinger and Daniel Starlinger (Fix Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH) are pleased with the success.


The goal of FIX Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH is a nationwide introduction of such service solutions, not only in the service area itself, but even further in the digitization of buildings. For example, the use of photography or 3D animation could offer great advantages for the company in the future. Completely capturing a building – Punzenberger looks to the future with motivation: “… maybe [we can] locate the pictures in the photo afterwards or locate the equipment – we still have a lot to do!”