Digital Checklists for Customer Service


DS AUTOMOTION, based in Linz, Austria, has been specializing in the development and production of driverless transport systems and autonomous mobile robotics for almost 40 years. The company attaches particular importance to the symbiosis of technology and software. As a specialist in driverless transport systems, DS Automotion relies on the commitment of its technicians, both in maintenance and servicing as well as in spare parts management and plant optimization.

The Problem

DS Automotion already had an efficient working atmosphere, but internal workflows were still disorganized and time-consuming. Employees had to deal with forms and often had to check with the head office so that technicians knew what to do.

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop an app which would be as easy to use as possible for the technicians. In this case, the editable checklists were of particular importance to the customer. It was also important that tamper-proof PDF reports could be created and that it was possible to customize applications and service reports.

The Solution with Workheld

There are several reasons why DS Automotion decided to work with Workheld. On the one hand, the ease of use of the application was decisive, as well as the checklist function, which is so important for DS Automotion. The active participation of the Workheld technicians also contributed to the final decision in favor of Workheld.

The Goal

Our goal was to digitize the company’s customer service. Classic forms should be abolished to save time, and there should be a better overview of workflows.

Our Solution: Digitizing Customer Service

Workheld’s solution was to make all reports digital and eliminate the paper forms. In addition, these reports should be forgery-proof and, as well as the apps should be customized.

Project Schedule

Cooperation in the Research Project MMAssist II

The research project was funded by the FFG as part of the “Production of the Future” initiative.

Transfer of the Developed Prototypes into Workheld Apps

The research results were translated into marketable software products by Workheld.

Adaptation of the Apps to DS Automotion

Close exchange between the service manager and Workheld Customer Success Manager. Our goal was to involve future users as early as possible in the development process in order to ensure a high level of acceptance.

Theming of the Workheld Platform in the Colors/Design of DS Automotion

All apps have been adapted to the corporate identity so that employee acceptance is as high as possible.

Testing in Small Groups

In order to ensure that the Workheld apps work well for all employees in daily operations, they were tested in small groups parallel to paper & pen.

Independent Introduction of the Apps by the Service Manager at DS Automotion

The apps were independently introduced by the service manager at DS Automotion.

Workheld has been in daily use for 3 years

The introduction has already taken place in 2019. Since then, Workheld has been in daily use.


The cooperation with Workheld has resulted in a number of benefits and advantages for the entire company. The result was increased efficiency, time and money savings.

Organized Work Processes

Internal processes are now more organized, time-saving and efficient, which brought great benefits for customers as well as for employees.

Consultation with the Head Office is no longer Necessary

From now on, technicians no longer have to deal with classic forms, but can work through their checklists via the tablet. Technicians always know exactly what needs to be done on site and consultations with the head office have thus become superfluous.

Overview of Availabilities

With Workheld, coordinators have a full overview of technician availability and the most efficient route to customers.

Quick Changes & Updates

From now on, changes and updates are done quickly and can be synchronized with all technicians, saving time, money and nerves.


„Since we have been using Workheld to control our workflows, much has gotten even better. Internal processes are now more organized, time-saving and efficient.“

Herbert Aumüller

Head of Aftersales

The collaboration between DS Automotion and Workheld went smoothly. This enabled good communication and efficient working methods from both sides.

No matter what change requests we had, Workheld responded to each of them and implemented them. That’s why we are convinced that we have found the perfect partner for our work processes in Workheld – Herbert Aumüller


After launching Workheld, it is now used daily.