From Paperwork to Digital Checklists

Messer Austria GmbH

Messer Austria operates air separation plants, stores and transports gases by tanker or cylinder, and also produces gases on site. For over 100 years, Messer has been a specialist in industrial, medical and specialty gases and is the world’s largest family-run industrial gas company.

The Problem

Due to the many documents in the form of papers and folders, there was a confusing paperwork in the company. The checklist maintenance was carried out manually, which is very time-consuming and made the overall situation less manageable.

The Challenge

One of the complexities of the change from analogue to digital was to integrate the Workheld app into the central business software (SAP & BMD). Also, all apps should be available offline. The change process was also a challenge, as employees were facing a phase of rethinking and relearning.

Initial Worries

There was an initial skepticism about the change process. Technicians should switch from the traditional way of working to digital processes and new devices. There were still uncertainties as to whether digitization would actually lead to an increase in efficiency.

The Solution with Workheld

MESSER AUSTRIA GmbH became aware of the Workheld workforce management software through K-Businesscom AG, Workheld’s partner company. The decisive factor for the decision in favor of Workheld was the team’s competence for SAP integration.

The Goal

Our goal now was to digitize the work processes within the company. An automated exchange of information with the SAP systems already in use should be created.

Our Solution: Tablet & Workheld App

From the very beginning, the active involvement of all employees in the implementation project was essential in order to initiate the change process as easily as possible. The employees were equipped with MS Surface tablets with the Workheld app including offline functionality.

Project Schedule

Workshop Assessment of the Situation

Even before the start of the project, Workheld process consultants and Messer service & maintenance technicians worked out in several workshops where Messer Austria stands today and where it wants to go in terms of digitization.

Documentation of the Affected Processes

The result of the workshop was extensive process documentation, which was used to identify gaps and areas where processes could be improved.

High Level Design describes the New Solution

The Workheld consultants have created a high-level design to show what is already there and what is still to be developed in order to achieve end-to-end digitization.

Calculation of the ROI

The high-level design concept was the basis for calculating the return on investment. The return is mainly due to better documentation and savings in the process. The direct transmission of working hours and travel times to the accounting system was a great advantage.

Development of the Desired Functions

In addition to the existing functions of the Workheld platform, Messer Austria wanted additional features. As a result, these extensions of the platform were implemented.

SAP Interface

A particular advantage of the Workheld platform was the direct connection to the SAP system, which was implemented directly with Messer IT in Germany

Test Operation

After all features were developed and the SAP interfaces were ready, the system was put into trial operation and tested.


Thanks to the close cooperation between Workheld and Messer employees, the GO-Live was completed smoothly.


The implementation of the Workheld software has resulted in a number of benefits and advantages for the entire company.

Transparency throughout the entire Maintenance Process

Workheld’s various features and adaptations ensured transparent processes and procedures throughout the company.

Simple Documentation and Coverage

The Workheld software enables efficient reporting immediately after completion of the work order. At the push of a button, a PDF report can now be created from the entire documentation, which can be digitally signed by the customer immediately.

Efficient Accounting

The reports generated at the touch of a button include travel times, working hours, completed tasks, material consumed, photos, sketches and many other details. The collected data can thus be invoiced in an uncomplicated manner.

Less Paperwork

With digital document management in Workheld, documents can be easily attached to orders. The documents are also available to technicians offline. Less paperwork and heavy files ensure clarity and clarity in maintenance.


There was a fantastic collaboration between Messer GmbH and Workheld. In the course of the software introduction, Messer has optimized processes in an impressive way in order to achieve the above-mentioned savings. The cooperation with the Workheld consultants also worked excellently during the pandemic, and so the system was rolled out to Slovenia largely without personal contact.

Thanks to the automatic documentation, the bureaucratic effort has been significantly reduced. The paperwork has finally come to an end.

Matthias Kuhn

Project leader Messer Austria


Rollout to the entire CEE Region
Since 2019, Workheld has been successfully operating at Messer Austria und Slovenija.