Progress reporting and status dashboard

Through the integrated status dashboard its easy to keep track of projects, assignments and work order status. Thanks to the simple progress monitoring, you can see immediately if an order is behind schedule or a defect has occurred.

Status management for progress tracking

Workheld is equipped with a sophisticated status management system that spans the entire platform and ensures that you stay on top of all projects, assignments and work orders and can easily track the progress.

The heart of this feature is the status dashboard, which shows you that status of all your projects, assignments and work orders at a glance. What is more, the dashboard also shows you the number of defects that have occurred and warns you if a work order should already be in progress, but no work has yet been performed.

You also have the option to filter by projects, assignments and employees in the status dashboard. This gives you an even more detailed insight into the project progress or order status for a customer.

Asset management and tool status

On top of the functionality mentioned above, the status management in Workheld goes beyond the projects, assignments and work orders. The integrated asset management calculates the operating status of every asset individually based on the orders that are linked to a piece of equipment.

Tools and materials are also integrated into status management. You can set individual materials or parts to inactive if they are currently unavailable or change tool statuses if they are in service.


The status management in Workheld is also part of the documentation. If a technician marks an individual work step or the entire work order as completed, this information is not only synchronized with the status management, but can also be printed on the reports as desired and confirmed by the customer with their digital signature.

Archiving of completed projects

Once projects reach the status completed, they are stored in an archive. You will always have access to this data, but are not distracted by it in your daily work anymore.