Material management

Material management allows coordinators and technicians to monitor their material inventory and consumption in Workheld and order supplies and spare parts in just a few steps.

Flexible material catalogue

In Workheld you can either enter an extensive material catalog manually, import it from an external system or keep it up-to-date via interfaces. A distinction is made between spare parts, consumables and assembly material to ensure maximum flexibility.

Simple documentation of material consumption

One of the main functions of material management is the possibility to document material consumption in order to invoice the customer or to include it in the asset history. Technicians can also access the material catalog when documenting defects in order to directly identify the affected consumable or spare part.

Technicians can also maintain an inventory to know exactly what materials are available. If a material consumption is documented, the inventory is of course automatically adjusted in the background. Coordinators can also access the inventory of technicians to see immediately which technicians are carrying a particular spare part that is needed to repair a particular asset, for example.

The ordering of consumables and spare parts is also included in Workheld’s material management. Spare parts can be ordered directly to the work order so that it is clear to which customer the materials must be invoiced.