Field Service Management 4.0 and Industrial IoT

Field Service Management or maintenance management is nothing new. For decades, models have been investigated in order to deploy field service technicians as efficiently as possible. But now there are new possibilities. Driven by the industrial Internet of Things, new data sources have become available that have not yet been used to improve Field Service Management. At Workheld we change that.

Workheld is the first fully networked maintenance and service software. Through integration with IoT systems, service orders are automatically created in Workheld. In combination with data from existing systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or others, service technicians can be coordinated without the need for office staff. This improves machine availability and reduces maintenance costs.

What is to be done?

  1. Connect machine sensors via an IoT network. There are already countless solutions that provide (I)IoT out of the box, such as Linemetrics, Siemens Mindsphere, Sensforce to name but a few with whom we cooperate.
  2. Introducing Workheld as a Field Service Platform and setting individual triggers for the creation of a maintenance order. That would be the most important thing.
  3. BONUS: Train the Workheld AI so that they know the individual skill level of the technicians and can therefore automatically assign the right technicians to the maintenance orders.

The points mentioned above are written faster than actually implemented. Nevertheless, the most important thing about a journey is the first step. We often see with our customers that work is already being done on certain areas or that existing data is not being used. This often happens because they fear that further projects or new systems will open another “bottomless pit”. This is not the case with Workheld. Workheld can be adapted to your company without development effort.

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