Document management

With the document management in Workheld, images, material lists, plans and other files can be added to work orders or as part of the documentation. All documents are also available to technicians offline.

Everything in a digital briefcase

Gone are the days when it was necessary to carrying around thick files with technical drawings, parts lists and old reports. With the document management in Workheld, documents can be easily attached to work orders! And best of all – after a single synchronization, these documents are available to the technicians offline.

However, document management in Workheld is not a one-way street. Technicians also have the possibility to enrich their documentation with pictures, sketches and other documents. This is particularly practical, for example, for the documentation of defects or as an additional safeguard when viewing critical measured values.

Commentary function and reports with images

A special feature of document management in Workheld is also the possibility to edit documents with the integrated commentary function. For example, technicians can not only document defects with images, but also add markers to them, so that it is possible to recognize immediately where exactly the problem is.

If the completed work, defects or measurements are documented with pictures or sketches, these can also be printed on the reports and confirmed by the customer or technician by signature.