Cost reduction through digitalization of maintenance – by up to 20%

Reduce maintenance costs by up to 20% – just by using Workheld? Read on and see for yourself the benefits that Workheld has in store for you.

Cost reduction through fast and reliable documentation

The time-consuming and mostly futile search of old documents is a problem of the past with Workheld. With the document management you can easily attach documents to work orders. Of course, the documents are also available offline. So you can quickly and easily ensure that it is clear to your employees what needs to be done.

Attach all important documents quickly and easily to the right work order

Both you and your technicians can quickly and easily document extensive and complex orders. For example, technicians can document defects not only with pictures and sketches, but also with annotations and markers so that you can immediately see where exactly the problem lies. By saving time throughout the entire work process, unnecessary costs are saved in the long term.

Digital maintenance: Faster accounting through work report at the push of a button

After the work order has been successfully completed, the technician can generate a PDF report from the documentation at the push of a button. This report can be signed by the customer with a digital signature directly on site. The recorded data is transferred to you at the same time and can be processed and invoiced immediately. This accelerated invoicing ensures an acceleration of the turnover rate of the receivables, thus enabling an early increase in liquidity.

Create a digital report with digital signature at the touch of a button

Early quality assurance through data analysis and predictive maintenance

With Workheld and features such as material management, asset management & status management, terms like predictive resource management and an early quality assurance no longer belong to the past. After the job is completed, machine data and documentation can be evaluated directly in Microsoft Power BI. This extensive data analysis provides a basis for predictive maintenance.

Workheld reduces machine downtime through efficient maintenance planning and thus helps to save costs.

Achieve a more efficient way of working with Workheld and reduce your costs in the entire maintenance process.