Workheld in the SAP Startup Focus Program (SFP)


Workheld joins the SAP Startup Focus Program (SFP) and is now also being developed on SAP technologies

Workheld has been included in the exclusive SAP Startup Focus Program and has already undergone successful technical validation. The innovative software platform for production, service and assembly processes is now also being developed based on SAP HANA technology and will become even more accessible and attractive for European industrial companies.

SAP asks Workheld to join forces

SAP has appointed Workheld as an official partner in the SAP Startup Focus Program (SFP) and the technical validation by SAP experts from Silicon Valley has already been successfully completed. The partnership intends to take advantage of the innovative ideas of the start-up and enable cross-platform collaborations. The Viennese startup behind Workheld prioritises its customers. „The SAP Startup Focus Program is a great opportunity for us. We can make our software platform even more attractive for industrial companies by making Workheld even easier to implement and use,“ says Benjamin Schwärzler, Tablet Solutions CEO and founder.

A win-win situation for SAP and Workheld

For the SAP Startup Focus program, the software giant is searching globally for startups with ground-breaking ideas and future-oriented applications. With the motto „Our Technology, Your Imagination“, young visionaries are invited to apply to redefine and revive entire industries together with SAP. „At Tablet Solutions, we see a win-win situation in working with large, established systems such as SAP. As a startup, we benefit from their network and technology. Conversely, our visions and products provide SAP with an innovative perspective on digitalisation,“ says Christine Geier, Tablet Solutions COO and Product Manager for Workheld.

A smooth entry into the Industry 4.0 with Workheld

Workheld increases the efficiency and clarity of industrial production, assembly and service processes. The software system creates a platform for productive order processing and facilitates communication between coordinators and technicians.
Workheld enables real-time information sharing and digitizes the entire process from order allocation to the customer’s signature. Workheld is also the first software solution of its kind to be equipped with an intelligent voice assistant; an Alexa / Siri for industry.

Benjamin Schwärzler talks at BI & HANA 2018 about innovation with SAP HANA

Benjamin Schwärzler, Tablet Solutions CEO and founder, will also participate in a panel discussion on innovation with SAP Hana at the BI & HANA Conference in Prague next Thursday, June 28, 2018. 

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