With the construction diary weather conditions, special occurrences and events as well as other relevant data can be documented. Together with other related records, WorkHeld turns it into a construction diary report.

Construction diary for all cases

An orderly construction diary contains all important events on the construction site and plays an important role in particular when defects or legal disputes occur. WorkHeld allows to document all information relevant for a construction diary quickly and easily and to output it as a report.

The heart of the construction diary documentation in WorkHeld is a separate entry type that contains information such as weather conditions, temperature, used tools, deliveries received and special incidents. Of course, pictures, sketches and other documents can also be added to this entry type.

Defects, material and much more…

But of course, this information is not enough. There is much more to a construction diary and WorkHeld ensures that all this information is documented efficiently and extensively.

This allows technicians to select from predefined variance categories and defect categories when documenting defects. These can of course be individually adapted. In addition to a description of the defect, a provisional solution and a general comment, the order number, the affected material and model and the time loss can also be specified. It goes without saying, that pictures, sketches and other documents are also added to the defect and the commentary function allows you to easily add markers to the defect so that you can immediately see where exactly the problem is.

WorkHeld also makes it easy for technicians to document material consumption. The materials can simply be taken from the material catalogue and their consumption documented – the practical search function makes this particularly easy. In addition, a distinction can be made between spare parts, consumables and assembly materials to ensure maximum flexibility.

But this is still not the end of the story! A glance at the feature overview shows that WorkHeld covers all requirements for a detailed construction diary. In addition to the documentation of working and travel times and the recording of measured values in the form of individual measured values or checklists, this also includes status management. Using status management you can quickly and easily track the progress of construction work, receive a warning when defects occur and you are informed if deadlines are not met.

Reports with digital signature

To ensure that everything is really in order at the end of the day, WorkHeld creates a report from the technicians’ documentation at the push of a button, which can be signed with a digital signature. Of course, any number of reports can be created and also sent by email or printed directly from WorkHeld.